Gyeongbokgung Night Tour – A remarkable Journey Through Time of Hope

Gyeongbokgung Night Tour

Experience the Magic with the Gyeongbokgung Night Tour ​

I am thrilled to invite you to an unforgettable Gyoengbokgung night tour, nestled in the heart of Seoul. Imagine strolling through the palace grounds on a crisp autumn evening, the soft moonlight casting a gentle glow on the ancient architecture. This is your chance to witness Gyeongbokgung Palace in a whole new light!

Gyeonghuiru, Gyeongbokgung Palace

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience at Gyeongbokgung Night Tour

Gyeongbokgung Palace, a gem from the Joseon Dynasty, is a masterpiece of traditional Korean architecture and culture. It is normally open to the public from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. However, in this exclusive opportunity, I am excited to announce that you can explore the palace grounds during the tranquil hours of the night. This limited-time event will take place from September 1st to October 29th 19:00 to 21:30PM, with limited visitors everyday. 

Tickets are sold online at 11st(11번가) sales are divided into two periods: the 1st period(September 1st to September 30th) and the 2nd period (October 1st to October 29th). Tickets for the 1st period has already begun sales on August 25th, and as for the 2nd period, they will be available on the September 25th 10:00AM. 

Limited Availability Alert for Gyoengbok Gung Night Tour

While  the initial ticket sale for the 1st period has already sold out due to its immense popularity among locals, here’s an exciting tip exclusively for our foreign visitors: There are 200 on-site tickets available on a first-come, first-served basis every day. This considerate approach is offered only to foreign travelers to ensure that they get a chance to experience this special tour, even if online booking presents some challenges. So even if you missed the online sales, take a chance and buy your tickets on site.  

The Gyeongbokgung Palace Night Tour unfolds for a brief period each year, and with a limited daily capacity, its popularity often poses a challenge even for locals to secure tickets. What sets this experience apart is not only the exclusivity but also the chance to witness the palace’s allure under the cover of night. While Gyeongbokgung Palace usually graces visitors with its splendor during daylight hours, this event unveils a whole new dimension of its charm. As you plan your journey, I urge you not to let this opportunity slip through your fingers – mark your calendars, add it to your travel itinerary and be ready to have an unforgettable experience. 

Viewing Area

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Event Details



September 1st – October 29th, 19:00 to 21:30PM (excluding Mondays, Tuesdays, and substitute holidays)


Gyeongbokgung Palace

How to purchase

Online purchase at 11st(11번가)

On-site purchase (Only available for foreigners)

Reservation Start Date

1st Viewing (1.9 ~ 30.9): Aug 25th 10:00AM

2nd Viewing (1.10 ~ 29.10): Sep 25th 10:00AM

On the day

Sales Quantity

2700 tickets per day
*4 tickets per person

200 tickets everyday, first-come first-serve basis
*2 tickets per person


3000 KRW

*Free Admission available for: Infants, toddlers under age 6, seniors over age 65, and those wearing hanbok

Important Notes

– Recommended to bring ID for identification on the day of visit (Foreigners are required)

– Night viewing is held even in rainy weather

– Stroller and wheelchair rentals are not available at night

– Be aware that surroundings are dark at night


Gyeongbokgung Palace Management Office phone number: (+82) 02-3700-3900~1

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