Jongno Festival: why you need to go there to make this weekend exciting

Let’s plan the perfect weekend getaway in Jongno, Seoul, from October 20th to 22nd! Explore Seoul’s history at the fun “Let’s Jongno” festival. 

This festival makes Jongno’s old district exciting with its mix of tradition, art, and fun. It’s a chance to dive into Seoul’s lively culture in a famous historic area. Don’t miss out on the “Let’s Jongno” Festival!

1. The Hanbok Festival

A big part of the “Let’s Jongno” festival is the Hanbok fashion show in Songhyeon-dong. Hanbok is South Korea’s traditional outfit, known for its bright colors and grace. 

If you love fashion or want to learn about Korean culture, you should see this show. It’s a great way to see how beautiful Hanbok is and maybe find a style you like. 

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy Hanbok’s lasting beauty in a fun place.

Hanbok Fashion Show Schedules

The festival features an array of unique Hanbok fashion shows, each promising to be a feast for the eyes. 

Be sure to look up the schedule for these shows to ensure you don’t miss out on the spectacular showcases of Korean traditional attire.

Hanbok Fashion Show

<Hanbok Fashion Show>
Time: Oct. 21st(Sat) 19:20

The theme being “To Challenge Each Other – Persevering Inspiration”, the fashion show will be presenting a new aesthetic vision of Hanbok with a bold twist on tradition. 

Finale Fashion Show

<Manifesto Towards the Future>
Time: Oct. 22nd(Sun) 19:00

A kaleidoscope of Hanbok unveiled by young artists’ fresh interpretations.

Jongno Senior Model Fashion Show

<Dynamic Seniors, Reviving Jongno>
Time: Oct. 22nd(Sun) 18:00

The debut runway stage for seniors who dare to shine again. 

2. Bukchon Workshop Festival

Another thrilling event in Jongno is the Bukchon Workshop Festival, celebrating the exceptional craftsmanship the district is famous for. 

Happening on October 21st, from 10 AM to 6 PM, this year’s festival focuses on “Artisan’s Workshops,” paying tribute to the artisans who preserve the traditions of royal craftsmanship. It offers a rare chance to see the detailed artistry handed down through the ages.

At the festival, you won’t just see artisans at work, but you’ll also get to join in. You can buy their beautiful creations, from detailed pottery to soft textiles, and much more.

But that’s not all. The festival is packed with displays and cultural shows, blending traditional Korean music and dance. You’ll find fun activities, like roulette games, themed photo areas, and engaging stamp tours. 

So, make sure you don’t miss this chance to have a blast and make memories that will last.

3. What's More?

For those who love art and history, the “Let’s Jongno” Festival has even more to offer. At Gallery Mondeouvert, there’s a special show called “Jongno, City of Time.” 

It’s a great chance to learn about how the area has changed and its big role in South Korea’s history. Guests can see how Korean royalty enjoyed their tea, learn about the history of traditional Korean clothes, and see how styles have evolved. 

The exhibit also celebrates the skilled artisans from Bukchon Hanok Village, showing off their talent in blending old techniques with new designs.

So, if you’re vising Jongno during the “Let’s Jongno” Festival, be sure to set aside time to explore the “Jongno, City of Time” exhibition at Gallery Mondeouvert. 

You will be able to explore the rich history of this iconic district, encompassing traditional, modern, and contemporary eras. 

Event Details

When – Hanbok Festival: October 20th ~ 22nd, 2023
– Bukchon Workshop Festival: October 21st, 10:00AM ~ 18:00PM
– Gallery Mondeouvert: October 20th ~ 22nd, 12:00PM ~ 20:00PM

Hanbok Festival: In Songhyeon-dong Area

– Bukchon Workshop Festival: Seoul Education Museum Courtyward (48 Bukchon-ro 5-gil, in front of the Jeongdok Library)

Gallery Mondeouvert: 26, Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 1F, Gallery Mondeouvert

Price Free
Inquiries Homepage:
Tel: (+82) 070-4600-5719
Instagram: @letsjongno


Hanbok Festival
Bukchon Workshop Fesival
Gallery Mondeouvert

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