The famous Five Guys Makes Grand Entrance in Seoul, Korea

Five Guys, renowned as one of the top three burger chains in the United States, made its highly anticipated debut in Seoul’s Gangnam-daero on the 26th. The opening day witnessed an enthusiastic response, with hundreds of people braving inclement rain to line up outside the store. This blog explores the exciting launch of Five Guys in Korea and its potential impact on the local burger scene.

Citizens lining up to buy hamburgers in front of the Five Guys Gangnam branch on the opening day <br>Image source httpswwwhankyungcomlifearticle202306264862g Hankyung

Despite adverse weather conditions, a long queue formed outside the store, with eager customers waiting since the early morning hours, some even overnight. The opening ceremony was graced by Kim Dong-seon, head of Hanwha Galleria’s strategic headquarters, US Ambassador to Korea Philip Goldberg, and executives from Five Guys. Director Kim Dong-seon expressed his commitment to bringing joy and culinary delight to domestic customers through the brand’s originality in taste, quality, and store atmosphere.

US Ambassador Philip Goldberg emphasized the role of Korean Five Guys in fostering stronger cultural ties between Korea and the United States. Five Guys, originating in Virginia in 1986, has gained immense popularity as a beloved American burger brand.

Ribbon cutting ceremony at the opening ceremony held at Five Guys Gangnam branch<br>Image source httpsnewsiscomviewid=NISX20230626 0002352402cID=13001pID=13000 Newsis

With a menu offering a staggering combination of eight different types of hamburgers and fifteen toppings, customers can create up to 250,000 unique burger variations. The use of fresh ingredients and a commitment to quality shines through, as Five Guys prepares their burgers daily without relying on freezers or microwaves. As a nod to tradition, free peanuts are provided to customers in Korea, just as they are in US stores.

While Five Guys lacks a fixed menu, it is worth noting that even the most economical choice of a burger, fries, and soda comes with a price tag of over 20,000 won. However, the brand’s emphasis on quality and customizability continues to entice customers seeking a premium burger experience.

With over 1,800 stores in 23 countries, Five Guys has solidified its global presence. Korea becomes the sixth Asian country, following Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Macau, to welcome a Five Guys store. The Gangnam branch marks the beginning of an exciting “hamburger war” in the area, with other prominent American burger chains like Shake Shack and Super Duper already operating in the neighborhood. FG Korea has ambitious plans to expand the number of Five Guys stores to over 15 within the next five years.

The arrival of Five Guys in Seoul’s Gangnam district signifies a new era for burger enthusiasts in Korea. With its renowned taste, endless customization options, and commitment to freshness, Five Guys is poised to become a major player in the local burger scene. As the “hamburger war” rages on, food lovers can look forward to a gastronomic adventure that promises bold flavors, culinary innovation, and a cultural connection to the United States.

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