You need to check out the amazing K-drama: In the “King the Land” (킹더랜드)

The Skepticism
Finding a drama that truly grabs your attention can be tough. That’s how I felt about “King the Land.” At first glance, it seemed like just another prince-meets-Cinderella story. You know the type—common in K-dramas, yet often lacking that fresh spark. I usually look for stories where women find joy on their own terms, so “King the Land” wasn’t on my must-watch list.

Then, something unexpected happened. A web comic titled “King the Land” appeared a week before the drama aired. Its cute artwork and interesting plot caught my eye. Despite my initial doubts, I was intrigued. 

The Talented Cast and Chemistry & the Im YoonAh Factor

The game-changer? Im Yoon-ah from Girls’ Generation was cast as the lead. As a fan of Girls’ Generation, I couldn’t pass it up. Watching the drama, I was pleasantly surprised. Yoon-ah’s portrayal of Cheon Sarang was nothing short of captivating. She brought the character to life, making her relatable and real. Yoon-ah’s charm and talent added a special touch to the drama, enhancing the viewing experience.


But it’s not all about Yoon-ah. The drama boasts a talented lineup, including Lee Jun-ho, Go Won-hee, and Kim Ga-eun. Plus, the romantic chemistry between the leads is a must-see. It’s these elements that transformed “King the Land” from a potential skip to a delightful surprise.


King the Land poster



The story revolves around a man who despises pretentious smiles and finds himself entangled in the inheritance war of the King Hotel. Meanwhile, Cheon Sarang, known as the Smile Queen, enters the King Hotel as a one-month trainee, bound to laugh despite her hard circumstances. Two individuals from different worlds collide, creating a tale that goes beyond their imagination. This drama beautifully portrays the journey of creating a place where genuine smiles flourish—the VVIP lounge at the King Hotel—a dream shared by passionate hoteliers. Through their endeavors, they strive to create days that truly bring happiness and laughter to people’s lives.


Frankly, just by looking at the plot, you can anticipate the ending, right? Like I said, initially I had my reservations about “King the Land.” The premise seemed like a tried-and-tested formula that wouldn’t offer any surprises. However, clichés often become popular for a reason—they resonate with a broad audience. Although the drama did have a predictable ending, it didn’t deter me from enjoying it thoroughly. Thanks to the talented lead actors, the plot developed swiftly, leaving no room for dull moments. Now there are only six episodes left, but I’m excited for each and every bit of them.


Scene from King the Land Episode 3


In Conclusion: “King the Land” may have seemed like just another romantic drama, but it managed to capture my heart in unexpected ways. Sometimes, indulging in familiar tropes can be a comforting and entertaining experience. With a talented cast, engaging storyline, and fast-paced development, this drama successfully delivers its promise of creating a place where genuine smiles can flourish. If you’re in the mood for a light-hearted and enjoyable series, “King the Land” is worth giving a chance.


If I’ve managed to intrigue you into this wonderful story, check out the broadcast schedule and where you can watch it: “King the Land” is currently airing every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm on the Korean broadcasting program JTBC. If you are overseas and do not have JTBC, you can also catch it on Netflix through this link here. New episodes are uploaded every Sunday. With a total of 16 episodes, it will soon reach its conclusion. So head over to Netflix and immerse yourself in the heartwarming world of hoteliers and their pursuit of creating days filled with genuine happiness.

In conclusion, “King the Land” defied my expectations, proving that even familiar stories can surprise and enchant, especially with the right cast and a fresh twist.


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