Korea & Africa: Find your unique African spirit in the Seoul Africa Festival 2023

The Seoul Africa Festival is Back!

The 6th Seoul Africa Festival is happening at Banpo Hangang Park on October 21st! Since its start in 2016, it’s become Korea’s biggest festival that celebrates Africa’s rich and varied cultures.

This lively festival gives everyone a peek into Africa’s vibrant cultures with a lineup of fun activities. These are carefully picked with help from embassies, communities, and groups. You’ll find amazing stage shows, booths, and hands-on stuff to do. The Seoul Africa Festival is a big party of African culture right in Seoul, inviting everyone to join in, learn, and enjoy a world of harmony and cultural sharing.

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What to Expect

At the Seoul Africa Festival, you can look forward to a diverse array of programs curated in collaboration with embassies, communities, and related organizations.

These programs include captivating stage performances, exciting booths, and immersive experiences that bring you up close to the vibrant and lively cultures of Africa. This festival is your chance to embark on a cultural journey, expand your horizons, and embrace a global citizenship that transcends borders and ethnicities.

One of the most anticipated events is “Africa’s Got Talent,” a showcase of the remarkable abilities and passion of Africans living in Korea, adding to the rich tapestry of local culture with their diverse talents. 

Additionally, the festival presents a captivating fashion show that spotlights African brands and features domestic African models, providing a fascinating glimpse into the continent’s ever-evolving fashion trends and creative expression.

Journey Through Africa in the Heart of Seoul

The Seoul Africa Festival, in its pursuit of promoting cultural diversity, opens up new avenues for citizens to come together as global citizens, transcending national and racial boundaries. 

Through its engaging and enlightening programs, this festival serves as a bridge to connect people from all walks of life and backgrounds, fostering an environment of unity and mutual understanding.

Come join the celebration, and be a part of this remarkable cultural exchange that knows no bounds!

Event Details

WhenOctober 21st, 2023
WhereBanpo Hangang Park, Seoul
InquiriesHomepage: africafestival.kr/eng

Tel: (+82) 02-6082-0801

Email: saf@africainsight.org

Instagram: @seoulafricafestival_official


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