Here is the Magic of ‘Digital Nature’: A Jaw-dropping Fusion of Art and Tech You’ll Discover in Seoul!

Introduction: In 2023, the Seoul Light DDP is set to captivate citizens with its biannual showcase of awe-inspiring artistry! For the very first time since its inauguration in 2019, the <Seoul Light DDP 2023 Fall> event will illuminate the heart of downtown Seoul, not just during winter, but also in the enchanting autumn season. On August 31st, prepare to be enthralled by the <Seoul Light DDP> – an extraordinary mega-media art extravaganza, designed to adorn Seoul’s nights with the mesmerizing theme of digital nature. Over the course of 11 days, the event will unfold, unveiling an array of spectacular digital artworks on the distinctive exterior of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP).

Seoul Light DDP 2023 teaser video

Embracing Digital Nature: Themed around the concept of ‘digital nature,’ this remarkable event dares to pose a question: Can the timeless essence of real nature and the technologically-crafted nature of mankind harmoniously coexist? Through the medium of ‘light’ – a primordial presence in our world, now materialized through scientific innovation – this event embarks on a journey to unveil a new nature brought forth by technology, inviting attendees to experience a sense of biophilia that transcends mere coexistence.


Award-Winning Brilliance: Distinguished as the sole domestic light festival to clinch the coveted ‘Red Dot Design Award 2023,’ the ‘Seoul Light DDP’ is scheduled to grace the evenings from August 31st to September 10th. As the sun sets, from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM, gather at the western façade of the DDP to witness this spectacle free of charge. Be sure to secure your spot by making an advance reservation, ensuring you’re among the first to partake in the awe-inspiring debut on August 31st!

Miguel Chevalier

Featured Artists and Their Works:

  • Miguel Chevalier presents <Meta-Nature AI>: This poetic creation delves into the coexistence of real nature and technological nature in modern society, offering a metaphorical exploration of their interplay.
  • KIA Global Design Center showcases <Opposites United – Internal journey of Communication>, <Opposites United – Kia Design Cultural Communication : Romancing Gemstones>: Exhibiting their design philosophy ‘Opposites United,’ these works communicate with a new perspective, drawing inspiration from interactions with global audiences.
  • Dan Asher introduces <Borealis at DDP>: Swiss installation artist Dan Asher brings to Seoul the mesmerizing DDP’s Aurora, a fusion of technology and nature that artificially embodies the beauty of the Northern Lights.


Mark your calendars: From August 31st to September 10th, <Seoul Light DDP> takes center stage, painting the autumn nights of Seoul with hues of wonder and enlightenment. The West Front of the DDP awaist, providing a canvas for the awe-inspiring digital artworks to unfold. Secure your spot by making an advance reservation and be among the privileged few to witness the grand opening on August 31st. 

Exclusive Advance Reservation Benefits:
By reserving your spot in advance through Naver reservation(you must be a verified member of the Naver site), you’ll receive an exclusive on-site gift that adds to the excitement of this extraordinary event.

  • Special Appearance by Renowned Artist Miguel Chevalier (21:30): Witness an unforgettable moment as media art master Miguel Chevalier makes a surprise appearance at the DDP site to greet attendees.
  • Random Gifts for Naver Pre-Registered Visitors (Limited to 300, First-Come-First-Served Basis): Get ready for a delightful surprise! Visitors who have pre-registered on Naver will have the chance to receive random gifts. These prizes, which include the ‘DDP Umbrella’ and the ‘DDP + Toshiyuki Shita Ice Cream Ball,’ will be handed out on a lucky draw basis. Please note that these prizes are exclusive to visitors on August 31st and may not be available on other days.
  • Gift Pick-Up Details: If you’re one of the lucky recipients, you can pick up your prize at the DDP General Information Center between 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM. Remember, it’s a first-come-first-served basis, so be sure to arrive early.

This is your chance to be at the forefront of the enchanting world of digital nature. Reserve your spot now and be prepared for an unforgettable experience on August 31st at Seoul Light DDP 2023 Fall. See you there!

Event Details


August 31, 2023 ~ September 10th, 2023


DDP West Front 222M (DDP Outdoor)

Ticket Prices

Free *Pre-register online for the grand opening day





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