What makes the 2023 Korea Tourist Souvenir Fair special!


Circle November 24th and 25th on your calendar and head over to DDP Seoul for a two-day event celebrating the art of travel souvenirs. 

The 2023 Korea Tourism Souvenir Fair, now in its second year, aims to transform our view of travel. These aren’t mere decorations; they’re tokens of adventure and self-discovery.

What to expect?

At the fair, you’ll find a wide range of souvenirs, from traditional Korean elegance to modern trends. Each piece, carefully selected, showcases the unique essence of its region, making them ambassadors of culture.

What sets this fair apart is its interactive nature. You’re not just shopping; you’re engaging. Participate in workshops to craft traditional items or watch experts demonstrate the art of souvenir-making. This immersive experience highlights the craftsmanship and creativity behind each piece.

In May, a contest invited people to submit souvenir ideas, with winners seeing their concepts brought to life. This fair offers the exclusive chance to purchase these innovative creations, embodying the spirit of Korean ingenuity.

But there’s more. The fair is packed with undiscovered treasures, each telling its own story. The organizers aim for these souvenirs to do more than remember a trip; they hope these items will captivate hearts worldwide.

Hanbok-style Cookie Case
Jegojibo Magnets
Horongak Candle Warmer
Rose of Sharon Traditional Sachet
Portable Kimchi Set
Sobyeoljji: Shooting Star in a Glass

So, prepare for an experience where travel meets artistry, and souvenirs carry stories beyond borders. Don’t miss the 2023 Korea Tourism Souvenir Fair, a place where memories are made tangible.

Event Details


Nov. 24th ~ 25th


Seoul Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) Art Hall Building 1



You can get your ticket onsite on the day of visit!
*Pre-register here.


Homepage: https://kto.visitkorea.or.kr/kor/souvenir/main.kto

Tel: (+82) 070-4278-0490

Email: souvenir.kr@gmail.com

Instagram: @kor.souvenir


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